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Apr 21, 2009 - Apr 23, 2009

Crowne Plaza Central Park, Shanghai
1433 Minsheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 200135, P.R. China

In China
Ms. Emily Liu

In the U.S.
Mr. Wei Geng

2009 Presidents’ Forum



2009 Presidents’ Forum/CBU 14th Annual International Conference

New Energy, Fuel Efficient & Green Vehicles: Global Development and China’s Opportunities

Crowne Plaza Century Park Hotel, Shanghai




Day One: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

14:00-17:30    Pre-Registration (venue to be posted in the hotel lobby)

18:30   Welcome Dinner, Sponsored by Magna Powertrain and Magna Steyr


Day Two: Wednesday, April 22, 2009

07:30   Coffee, Tea, Registration

08:20   Opening Remarks by Conference Chair & Sponsors

08:30   Panel I: Policy, Standards & Sustainable Development

                        Moderator: Jones Zhong, China Business Update

                        New Energy Vehicles & Independent Innovation: China’s Policy Considerations

Huang Yonghe, Director, Automotive Industry Policy Research, CATARC

                        Vehicle Fuel Economy and Low Carbon Fuel Policy Development in China

An Feng, Exec. Director, Innovation Center for Energy & Transportation (iCET)

(Presented by iCET Analyst Wang Cheng)

                        China’s Electric Vehicles: From R&D to the Market

Chen Quanshi, Director, Automotive Research Institute, Tsinghua University

09:45   Questions & Answers

10:15   Refreshment Break

10:30   Panel II: New Energy Vehicles (I)

                        Moderator: Wayne W.J. Xing, China Business Update

                        The Prius Story

                                    Koei Saga, Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corp.

                        Grasp the Opportunity for the Future, Speed up Industrialization of New Energy Vehicles

Xu Liuping, Chairman, Chang’an Group

(Presented by Zhou Bo, President, Chang’an New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd.)

                        Energy Diversity for Sustainable Mobility

                                    David Chen, Vice President, GM China

                        New Energy Commercial Vehicle Technology and Application

Robin Wu, Vice President, Beiqi-Foton Motor Corp.

(Presented by Li Feng, Deputy Director, Foton New Energy Vehicle Center)

11:45   Questions & Answers

12:15   Luncheon, Sponsored by SRG Global

13:30   Panel III: Green Efforts in the Global Auto Market

                        Moderator: Louise Liu, China Business Update

                        The European Auto Industry: Meeting its Environmental Challenges During the Crisis

Ivan Hodac, Director, European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)

(Presented by Dominik Declercq, ACEA China Chief Representative)

                        The Future of the North American Auto Industry and Next Generation Technologies

                                    Neil De Koker, President & CEO, Original Equipment Suppliers’ Association (OESA)

                        From Improvement to Innovation

Bong-Heon Ahn, Exec. Managing Director, Technical Center, Beijing-Hyundai

14:45   Questions & Answers

15:15   Refreshment Break

15:30   Panel IV: Supplier Contribution and Solutions (I)

                        Moderator: Alfred Tian, China Business Update

                        Nissan Challenge for EV

Masanori Ueda, Sr. Manager, Tech Planning, Tech Development Division, Nissan Motor

                        The Future Paradigm of All-Wheel Drive

                                    Noel R. Mack, Director, Hybrid Development, Magna Powertrain

                        Powering the Future - How Technology Helps the Auto Industry Meet the Challenge

Kevin Quinlan, Asia Pacific Director, Delphi Powertrain Systems

16:45   Questions & Answers

17:15   Chairman’s Closing Remarks/End of Day One

17:45   Cocktail Reception, Sponsored by Delphi


Day Three: Thursday, April 23, 2009

07:30   Coffee, Tea, Registration

08:20   Chairman’s Recap of Day Two

08:30   Panel V. New Energy Vehicles (II)

                        Moderator: Linda Luo, China Business Update

                        New Energy Technology Development at Geely

Frank Zhao, Vice President, Geely Group

                        Daimler’s Green Technology Portfolio

Herbert Kohler, Vice President, Group Research & Advanced Engineering, Daimler

(Presented by Tobias Monden, Managing Director, MBTech)

                        BYD’s DMEV and EV

Henry Li, General Manager, BYD Auto Overseas Trade Division

09:45   Questions & Answers

10:15   Refreshment Break

10:30   Panel VI: Supplier Contribution and Solutions (II)

                        Moderator: Wayne W.J. Xing, China Business Update

                        SKF “Sustainable” Product Offering for Car Application

Alex Teng, Application Engineering Manager, SKF China Automotive Division

                        Beyond Powertrain - Innovating for Fuel Efficiency with Safety and Chassis Solutions

                                    David Royce, Vice President, Strategic Planning, TRW Automotive

11:45   Questions & Answers

12:15   Chairman’s Closing Remarks

12:30   Luncheon, Sponsored by SKF /End of Conference Program

13:30   Executive Tour of Shanghai-GM Automobile Co., Ltd. (Bus leaves hotel at 14:00)


Day Four: Friday, April 24, 2009

09:00   Individual Tour of Auto Shanghai 2009

* Program subject to change without prior notice




2009 presidents' forum Brochure
2009 presidents' forum/CBU 14th Annual International Conference
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