CNHTC Howo quick-charge electric bus rolls off production line

by Jennifer Chen   2014-06-16

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JINAN, Shandong – The JK6129GBEV quick-charge electric bus developed by China National Heavy-Duty Truck Howo Bus Co., Ltd. rolled off the production line on May 5.

The quick-charge electric bus owns off-line operation and battery operation modes. Through vehicle controller, the bus can realize seamless joint of electric network and power batteries, for example, to supply electricity to the bus and at the same time charge batteries on the bus when connecting to the electric network and automatically switch to battery mode after leaving the electric network. The usage of high power lithium batteries can increase operation range to around 50 kilometers.

The ceaseless electricity supply also helps realize zero emissions. The application of asynchronous motor and stepless speed change helps lower the noise of the bus with quicker speed acceleration and more stable start. The CAN control system enables data communication between electric motor, batteries, electric control, instrument and supplement electricity charge system to diagnose vehicle faults and monitor vehicle operation.

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