Hop in the CAR and Drive to Your Success!

by Wayne Xing   2015-12-01

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From the Honorary Editor-in-Chief

With support from our readers like you in China and worldwide, China Automotive Review (CAR) is celebrating her 10th year of publication with this December 2015 issue in your hand.

We launched the monthly magazine 10 years ago with the mission of “Serving the World’s Largest Emerging Automobile Market” through independent coverage of news, views and reviews of the Chinese auto industry and all the players contributing to its growth.

In little more than three years, China became the world’s largest new automobile manufacturing country in 2009, surpassing both Japan and the U.S. in automobile output and sales.

Over the past 10 years, the editorial team of CAR has been working attentively and tirelessly to report to our global readers about the most important developments in the world’s largest emerging market. These include, but not limited to, government policies and regulations, special reports and features on OEM and supplier operations, vehicle electrification, news analyses, exclusive interviews, import & export, heavy-duty vehicles, the aftermarket, regional & international, statistics, etc.

In the tradition of our weekly e-newsletter, China Business Update -- Automotive (CBU-Auto) that began publishing 21 years ago in 1995, our editorial team has done its best in making CAR a leading and unique monthly professional magazine that tells about the wheels behind the wheels of China’s automobile market.

Despite progress and achievement, our editorial team believes that we have much more to achieve in the next 10 years to come.

In addition to CBU-Auto, CBU-HeavyDuty, CBU-SmartEV and CBU-AutoStats, our e-newsletters that help feed into the respective columns of CAR, we are working on hiring new editors to introduce an e-newsletter each on suppliers and the aftermarket so as to beef up content on these two important segments. China is into a period of explosive growth in used car sales and aftermarket services as demand for new vehicles slows down.

In association with our publications, CBU will continue to organize annual international conferences on China’s light vehicle and heavy-duty vehicle markets. Our 21st annual international conference will be held on May 24-25, 2016 and 6th heavy-duty annual conference on October 25, 2016, both in Beijing.

We are also organizing a Monthly Automotive Salon (MAS) alternatively in Beijing and Shanghai, plus in Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chongqing, making it a regular forum and networking platform for automotive executives in China.

In the age of the Internet+, CBU/CAR is confronted with the challenge of making our publications available on mobile apps, creating digital versions of CAR and upgrading our professional websites (English) and (Chinese).

As the out-going Honorary Editor-in-Chief, I believe these challenges will be best met under the able leadership of Lei Xing, whose involvement with CBU/CAR began 20 years ago when he was at high school. Working together with CBU’s executive editors, staff, guest columnists and correspondents overseas, Lei should not only be able to continue with CAR’s mission of “Serving the World’s Largest Emerging Automobile Market” but also elevate CBU publications to a new level in both quality and timeliness so that they become a must-read for automotive executives in China and around the world.

For those of you that operate in China, make sure to Hop in the CAR and Drive to Your Success©!

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1. Mr. Lawrence Driscoll write: (12/1/2015 12:17:15 PM)

Best wishes, Wayne, for a comfortable, enjoyable, and yet still challenging retirement. ???? And here's wishing CAR continued success...., and hoping it will keep up those old mailing lists.