Chevy Volt enters China for demonstration

by Ray Jing   2012-01-05

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SHANGHAI – The first Chevrolet Volts arrived in China for demonstration at the Haitong Port in Shanghai in late December, China Business Times reported.

These Volts are part of a 10-vehicle General Motors demonstration fleet to be deployed in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.

The demonstration will cover consumers as well as ministry leaders, university professors and the media with a chance to experience the plug-in electric vehicle in daily use. GM will use feedback from the test drives and charging experience to better understand EV application in China.

GM will also work closely with government and industry officials to help develop a public charging infrastructure.

Volt provides up to 80 kilometers of electric driving and another 490 kilometers using an on-board engine generator. In November’s Guangzhou Auto Show last year, GM officially introduced Volt to China, priced at ¥498,000 ($78,000) in retail.


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