Volt to be a hot seller in China, but not now

by Ray Jing   2012-02-10

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SHANGHAI – Volt is anticipated to be a hot seller in China, but for now the real mission for Volt is to help understand Chinese consumers’ habits and needs for electric cars, said General Motors’ executive director for electrification strategy Ray Bierzynski during an interview with

The executive director did not want to predict the sales of Volt in China as he thinks vehicle electrification is still being explored by GM.

Addressing the battery fire accidents back in the United States, Bierzynski said GM is developing a final solution that will “exceed the consumers’ expectations of safety.”

GM has picked up 13 special dealerships in eight Chinese cities to sell Volts. According to Bierzynski, these chosen cities have more elites who are inclined to try new technologies and lead the fashion tide.

In September 2011 GM teamed with Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corp. (SAIC) to co-develop a new electric vehicle platform in China. The platform will be built by the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, SAIC and GM’s engineering and design joint venture in Shanghai. “We are developing something different from Volt, something with a lower price and catering to a wider market,” said Bierzynski.

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