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The 10K race [2018-08-10]

Who is going to be the first Chinese smart EV startup to deliver their first 10,000 vehicles by yearend? That seems to have become the new benchmark for success, as these startups move into volume delivery phase after their products came off “

Red Flag raised high, but headwinds remain strong [2018-08-07]

August 1 marks an important milestone for the oldest Chinese auto brand: Red Flag. It was 60 years ago on August 1, 1958 that the first Red Flag, the CA72, came off the assembly line at the First Auto Works (now FAW Group), completely hand made.

Trump's tariffs dent foreign automaker profits in China, production shift likely to ensue [2018-07-27]

On a day when industry icon Sergio Marchionne passed away (see Special tribute to Sergio Marchionne), foreign automakers including the U.S. Big Three reported some somber numbers in their second-quarter earnings as far as profitability in China is concerned.

Hot and cold [2018-07-23]

The Chinese auto market never ceases to surprise and amaze. The nearly 6 percent growth in sales to more than 14 million units over the first half of 2018 was above expectations of a 3-5 percent growth predicated earlier in the year by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

From "PPT" car making to "PPPTC" car making: Chinese EV startups face growing pains [2018-07-17]

Are Chinese smart EV startups, the so-called new manufacturing forces, really serious about making cars? Will they succeed? These are the types of questions that I often get from my contacts in the industry as well as other fellow members of the press.

Sino-German auto industry mega signings usher in post-50:50 JV era [2018-07-16]

Two days, and a dozen deals signed (see Two days, 12 deals: China and Germany connect on autonomous driving, EVs and mobility services).

Why Suzuki is pulling out of China [2018-06-29]

The doors of China’s automobile manufacturing sector are wide open. But the path through it will be a two-way street.

The tariff cut and its short- and long-term impacts on the industry [2018-06-25]

The swift move by the Ministry of Finance on May 22 to cut import tariffs for automobiles and components (see China reduces import tariffs for autos to 15 percent, components tariffs cut to 6 percent), coming just 42 days after President Xi Jinping vowed at the Bo’

JV contract manufacturing: a new business model in the post-AIDP era [2018-06-22]

Magna’s tie-up with Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (BJEV) under BAIC Group on June 18 to create two joint ventures for complete vehicle manufacturing as well as engineering of premium smart EVs (see Magna forms two JVs with BJEV, to jointly engineer and produce premium smart EVs for customers in China) is a significant milestone in the development of the Chinese auto industry and evolution of Sino-foreign joint venturing.

New ballgame [2018-06-22]

It’s a whole new ballgame for Scania, and other imported European truck brands, for that matter, now that China has opened up its manufacturing sector more and foreign equity requirements on commercial vehicle manufacturing would be lifted in 2020.

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