Classification: EDITORIAL
BMW's stake increase in BBA and what it means for the industry [2018-10-15]

Welcome to the post-50:50 vehicle joint venture era. Official announcements from both BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd.

Hand in hand [2018-09-30]

It’s been a busy September in the industry, as you can see from this issue’s summary of sights and sounds from recent industry conferences and trade shows in China and around the world.

In China, for China and the world [2018-10-15]

“In China, for China.” This used to be the motto for multinational automakers and suppliers, or any multinational company, for that matter, operating in China.

Auto sales cool off, EVs "on fire" and NIO IPO stumbles [2018-10-15]

China’s auto sales dropped for a second consecutive month in August, but new energy vehicles remained “

What the EQC means for Mercedes-Benz, China and the industry [2018-09-12]

Electric now finally has a member from the oldest car brand in the world. The EQC, the first fully electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, chose Stockholm for its global debut, partially because of the model’

Five million, ¥5 billion and ¥30 billion: wild wild east [2018-08-20]

Annual output capacity of 5 million vehicles, a loss of ¥5 billion and an ambitious target to finance ¥30 billion by the end of 2019.

The 10K race [2018-08-10]

Who is going to be the first Chinese smart EV startup to deliver their first 10,000 vehicles by yearend? That seems to have become the new benchmark for success, as these startups move into volume delivery phase after their products came off “

Red Flag raised high, but headwinds remain strong [2018-08-07]

August 1 marks an important milestone for the oldest Chinese auto brand: Red Flag. It was 60 years ago on August 1, 1958 that the first Red Flag, the CA72, came off the assembly line at the First Auto Works (now FAW Group), completely hand made.

Trump's tariffs dent foreign automaker profits in China, production shift likely to ensue [2018-09-17]

UPDATE: Ford recently announced that it has scrapped plans to import Chinese-made Ford Focus back into the U.S. On a day (July 25) when industry icon Sergio Marchionne passed away (see Special tribute to Sergio Marchionne), foreign automakers including the U.S. Big Three reported some somber numbers in their second-quarter earnings as far as profitability in China is concerned.

Hot and cold [2018-07-23]

The Chinese auto market never ceases to surprise and amaze. The nearly 6 percent growth in sales to more than 14 million units over the first half of 2018 was above expectations of a 3-5 percent growth predicated earlier in the year by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

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