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One network two "Audis" faces thorny path [2017-05-26]

The “truce” that Audi and its Chinese dealers as well as FAW Group and FAW-Volkswagen reached on May 19 a new plan to set up an independent three-way sales joint venture overseeing future distribution of Audis in China may have culminated nearly half a year of clash between the Germany luxury brand and its edgy Chinese dealers over the brand’

Wild swings up and down show it's still a policy driven market [2017-05-26]

All things that go up must come down, or it could be the other way around. This issue’s feature on the natural gas heavy-duty truck showed exactly this weird but always seem to be true phenomenon for China’

Fortunes in the heavy-duty truck and bus markets not market induced [2017-05-25]

This issue’s feature and statistics sections show entire different directions the heavy-duty truck and bus markets have been going toward.

50 million vehicles a year? Yes and no [2017-05-24]

How much bigger can China’s automobile market get? This is a never ending question that people in the industry have attempted to answer for years and especially after China became the world’

The "uptimating" of China's auto industry [2017-05-11]

The 9th China Automobile Bluebook Forum, organized by Automotive Business Review or Qiche Shangye Pinglun (ABR) on May 5-6 in Beijing, had another very interesting theme –

Auto Shanghai 2017 reveals the good and bad of Chinese heavy-duty trucks [2017-05-26]

Auto Shanghai 2017 was dominated by passenger vehicles as it usually does with many commercial vehicle manufacturers shunning the show.

Need for speed: Auto Shanghai 2017 afterthoughts [2017-05-05]

After having spent nearly a week in Shanghai for the biennial auto show and attending countless press events and interviews organized by OEMs and suppliers, it was quite evident that the editorial I wrote earlier –

50:50 JV equity rule may be history by 2020 [2017-04-28]

The Auto Industry Mid- to Long-Term Development Plan released on April 25 is the clearest indication yet that the relaxation of the 50:50 equity requirement for vehicle joint ventures in China is now just a matter of time.

FAW Jiefang's resurgence thanks to nimble market response and people [2017-04-27]

Besides the joint ventures FAW-Volkswagen and FAW-Toyota, FAW Jiefang has probably been the only bright spot for FAW Group in recent times as far as its wide array of independent brand arms are concerned.

An industry too fast and too furious [2017-05-25]

The Fate of the Furious, the 8th installment of the popular Fast and Furious movie franchise, hit the Chinese theaters on April 14, two years after the release of Fast & Furious 7.

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