Classification: HEAVY-DUTY
Heavy-duty truck market achieves astounding growth in H1 2018, July turning point hails a cooler H2 [2018-07-16]

In the June heavy-duty truck market, good and bad news weigh equally, looking respectively into the past and the future.

Construction vehicles: 10-year cycles and a new "golden age" [2018-07-10]

The economic and financial situation in China is inexorably tied to policy. The heavy-duty truck market is also in turn tied to the economy as a whole.

Five reasons behind surprising heavy-duty truck growth in H1 2018 [2018-07-09]

Just as everyone has come to the consensus that the 2018 heavy-duty truck market will probably see decreasing sales, it has, instead, continued to grow, breaking and setting new historical records.

May electric bus production exceed 14,000 units; fuel cell bus output hit 116 units [2018-07-09]

May is the last month of the 2018 new energy subsidy transition period, and as was expected, the final stretch pushed the market to new heights.

BYD shows a new 'face' of its ebus at Paris Transports Publics Show [2018-06-22]

PARIS, France – BYD showed a completely new exterior appearance for its battery electric bus on June 13 at the Transports Publics Show held in Paris.

JAC tests Gallop K7 truck in South America [2018-06-22]

JAC recently put its Gallop K7 heavy-duty truck on tests in Peru and the K7 passed a series of stringent trials at high altitudes.

Dayun delivers 30 electric heavy-duty trucks in Yuncheng [2018-06-22]

YUNCHENG, Shanxi – Dayun delivered 30 electric heavy-duty trucks to Suzhou Gaomai New Energy Co., Ltd.

DFCV truck sales up 8 percent to 17,195 units in May [2018-06-22]

SHIYAN, Hubei – Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (DFCV) sold 17,195 medium and heavy-duty trucks in May, an increase of 8 percent from the same month of the previous year.

Battery electric logistics vehicle growth weakens in May; market share of 3.5-4.5-ton vehicles rise [2018-06-22]

In the first five months of 2018, the Chinese market for electric logistics vehicles is marked by two characteristics.

May new energy bus sales surge [2018-06-22]

According to data from, China sold 12,124 new energy buses of 6-m and above in May, up 105 percent from April and up 354 percent year-on-year.

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