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The auto industry is in control of its own destiny, but needs help [2018-11-12]
– Recap of CEIBS 16th China Auto Industry Forum 2018

BEIJING – The 16th China Automotive Industry Forum 2018 organized by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) on October 27 here had a theme that was also a question for speakers and their audiences to ponder: are we ready to move into a new eco mobility system? Ready or not, there is no question that outside forces are transforming and elevating the auto industry into something bigger and thrusting it into a new ecosystem that is still budding.

IFCAID 2018: Policy loosens up, OEMs open up [2018-09-29]

TIANJIN – Future industry policies and regulations are expected to become more liberal, focusing more on post-approval supervision rather than complex approval procedures and high entry hurdles, while Chinese OEMs see open collaboration and cross-industry integration as crucial success factors in a market that has significantly opened up.

GFM 2018: Price performance ratio of EVs to exceed traditional vehicles by 2025, says Chen Qingtai [2018-09-29]

HANGZHOU – Electric vehicles will be on a par with or even exceed traditional internal combustion engine vehicles in terms of price and performance by 2025 at the latest, and the years 2020 and 2025 will be two crucial time points for China’

GFM 2018: MIIT to finalize "dual credit" implementation work and tighten NEV safety supervision [2018-09-29]

HANGZHOU – The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is finalizing work and preparations for the upcoming “

GFM 2018: Battery thermal runaway major reason behind NEV fires, says Ouyang Minggao [2018-09-29]

HANGZHOU – The verdict is in. Thermal runaway of power batteries is the major reason behind a spate of new energy vehicles large and small catching on fire over recent weeks, according to Ouyang Minggao, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and executive vice president of China EV100.

GFM 2018: Ministry of Transport to speed up efforts on application of autonomous driving and NEVs [2018-09-29]

HANGZHOU – The Ministry of Transport will be taking proactive measures on several fronts to speed efforts to promote the application of autonomous driving technologies in the transport sector, according to Zhou Wei, chief engineer at the Ministry.

GFM 2018: Zhejiang Province now ranks No. 3 in NEV industrial scale, aims to take lead in ICVs, say government officials [2018-09-29]

HANGZHOU – Zhejiang Province produced about 74,000 new energy vehicles in 2017, accounting for about 9.

Hydrogen to be the next frontier for future energy [2018-07-20]

BEIJING – Hydrogen could be the next frontier in the future energy field, and many countries and enterprises have been increasing their R&D for hydrogen technologies, according to Wan Gang, vice chairman of Chinese People’

Sino-U.S. JV developing motorsport venue with a commercial twist [2018-06-29]

CHONGQING – A Sino-U.S. joint venture would rollout V1 Auto World by the end of 2018, a premiere end-to-end automobile destination spread over 650,000 square meters integrating world-class motorsports with innovative automotive commerce and leisure.

China targets 7 million annual NEV sales by 2025 [2018-06-29]

CHONGQING – The Chinese government is driving the switchover from internal combustion engine powered cars to new energy vehicles with a short-term target of converting 12 percent of overall vehicle sales to NEVs by 2020 and 20 percent by 2025.

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