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Qiantu, Chery, Yudo, ZD and Hozon update their NEV production progress [2017-05-26]

SHANGHAI – Senior executives from five of the 13 new energy vehicle manufacturers that have received production licenses to produce NEVs in China updated their progress at a panel discussion at the 2017 China Auto Forum organized by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) on May 15 in Shanghai.

An Jin: Chinese brands still face uphill battle [2017-05-24]

SHANGHAI – Despite their recent rise and achievements in various segments of the market, Chinese brands still face a tough uphill battle as they try to catch up with their foreign counter parts, according to An Jin, chairman of JAC.

RIP the 50:50 JV equity debate [2017-05-25]

At the Closed-Door Summit held in Shanghai on May 14 on the sidelines of the 2017 China Auto Forum, Wu Wei, deputy director of the Department of Industry at the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), had the following to say about the possibility of the relaxation of the 50:50 joint venture equity rule:  “

Dong Yang: Annual vehicle output may reach 50 million units [2017-05-15]

SHANGHAI – China has the potential to produce 50 million automobiles a year, predicted Dong Yang, executive vice president of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

Partner up: Chinese automakers must share resources abroad to win [2017-05-12]

BEIJING – Senior executives from SAIC Motor and BAIC Group said that while they compete at home and abroad, they must also share resources in their efforts to expand overseas.

Automakers risk the fate of Nokia/Motorola if they don't offer mobility services [2017-05-12]

BEIJING – Automakers risk the fate of Nokia and Motorola if they don’t participate in the mobility service game, according to Liu Jinliang, vice president of Geely Holding Group and head of its Caocao ride-hailing platform.

Technology, cost, infrastructure, regulation and consumer acceptance hurdles to autonomous driving [2017-05-12]

BEIJING – Technology, cost, infrastructure, regulation and consumer acceptance are the five major hurdles to commercialization of autonomous driving, according to Wu Gansha, founder and CEO of UISEE Technology (Beijing) Ltd.

Chinese brands partially exceed foreign brands in development and quality [2017-05-11]

Chinese brands in some way have partially exceeded their foreign counterparts in terms of development and quality, according to Yan Gang, vice president of JAC Automobile Co., Ltd.

The old and new must integrate for China to become an automotive powerhouse [2017-05-10]

BEIJING – When the new meets the old, fireworks fly. That’s what happened at one of the sessions held at the 9th China Automobile Bluebook Forum organized by Automotive Business Review (ABR) on May 5-6 in Beijing.

MAS@Beijing 0315 recap: Big data to better serve automakers in market predictions and consumers in car purchasing [2017-03-31]

BEIJING – Through observation and analysis of consumers’ attention on website pages he or she clicks, predictions can be made about automobile market demand and competition, and good use of big data can help automakers effectively adjust their product positioning and marketing strategy and assist consumers choosing the most appropriate vehicle products, according to Dr. Cheng Jie, founder and CEO of Gausscode Technology Inc.

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