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154 new energy bus models rated as high-end buses

BEIJING – The Ministry of Transportation released the Classification and Rate Evaluation of 54th Batch of High-end Bus (Including Public Transportation Bus) recently, with a total of 242 bus models on the list.

In this batch, 154 models are new energy buses, taking up 64 percent of the total, an increase of 25 percent compared with the 53rd batch. The batch includes 117 electric buses and 37 hybrid buses, an increase of 26 and 23 percent compared with the 53rd batch.

Twenty-two bus manufacturers, including Suzhou King Long (Higer), Xiamen Golden Dragon, Nanjing Golden Dragon, Yutong, Ankai, Beiqi-Foton, Dongfeng Xiangyang, Shandong Yixing, BYD, Zhongtong Bus, Shanghai Sunlong, Shenzhen Wuzhoulong, and Zhuzhou CSR Times produced the 154 new energy buses rated high-end.

On the list, 48 models are from Higer, 24 are from Nanjing Golden Dragon, 13 are from Xiamen Golden Dragon, 10 are from Asiastar Bus, and three are from Yutong.

The rate evaluation mainly assess the dynamics, ride comfort, braking ability, sealing, interior noise, air conditioning, passenger seats, service facilities, and interior decoration of buses. Large buses are divided into five grades: high-3, high-2, high-1, medium and general. Medium buses and light buses are divided into four grades: high-2, high-1, medium and general.

Similar to the 53rd batch, the models listed this time are mainly large and medium buses, without a single light bus model, which was different from that of the 53rd batch.

A total of 110 models of this batch are large buses, taking up 71 percent of new energy buses. The 6-8 meter light and medium buses, on the other hand, are cooling down compared with last year.

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