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Chang’an-Ford-Mazda recalles Focus seda

CHONGQING — Chang'an-Ford-Mazda is recalling 52,838 Focus sedans produced between June 17, 2005 and July 30, 2006, due to defective oil pumps, according to a recent press release.The company said the fuel pump wire's insulating material is defective. It could expand under high temperatures and burn the fuel pump fuse, eventually causing

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Shanghai-Maple cuts prices of Marindo MA and Hysoul MA

SHANGHAI – Shanghai Maple Automobile Co., Ltd. on October 18 cut the prices of the Marindo MA and Hysoul MA by as much as ¥8,000 ($1,000), according to a company announcement.The Marindo MA Standard received the biggest cut, with a new retail price of ¥51,999.  Model                    Variant                  Old Price                   New

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Cooper renames Chinese brand

SHANGHAI – U.S. tire maker Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has officially announced that it has changed its "Kupo" brand name (a Chinese transliteration of "Cooper" that did not have a specific meaning) to "Gubo" (a less homophonic transliteration that specifically means "solid" or "strong"). This is the latest measure by the

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