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Brilliance exceeds 200,000 units in 2006

SHENYANG, Liaoning - Brilliance Auto sold a total of 200,000 vehicles by December 14, 2006, 17 days ahead of schedule and up 79.6 percent over the same period in 2005. This performance has helped to make it one of China's fastest-growing vehicle manufacturers, says the company. The Shenyang, Liaoning Province-based company sold 58,074 Zhonghua sedans, up 545.8

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Chang’an-Suzuki launches Tianyu SX4 seda

BO'AO, Hainan – The Tianyu SX4 sedan, made by Chang'an-Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd., was officially launched on December 28, with retail prices ranging from ¥94,800 to ¥125,800. Model     Basic MT     Elite MT    Elite AT     Luxury MT    Luxury AT RMB¥      94,800        105,800    115,800     115,800        125,800  US$        12,154        13,564      14,846       14,846          16,128   The new model, available in three different trims

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Beijing introduces State IV emissions standards on light diesel vehicles

BEIJING -- China's capital city took the lead in introducing State IV emission standards on new light diesel vehicles (light commercial vans, small buses and trucks) beginning January 1, 2007.    Actually, the plan to phase in tougher emissions standards in Beijing (as well as Shanghai and other major cities) before other parts of the country was first

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