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2009 Ford Focus goes on sale in China

HANGZHOU, Zhejiang – The China-made 2009 Ford Focus hit the Chinese market on September 25, Chang’an-Ford-Mazda Motor Co., Ltd. (CFMA) announced in a company press release.

With prices ranging from ¥118,900 ($17,200) to ¥151,900, the new Focus provides seven different variants. Under fierce competition in the market, the prices are about ¥5,000 lower than the respective variants of the old Focus.

The new model will still be powered by 1.8L and 2.0L engines, and offer both sedan and hatchback versions. The new one has only a few makeovers in interior decoration and front look compared with its predecessor.

To promote the sales of the new Ford Focus, the carmaker would decrease the output and supply of the 2007 Focus.

The Focus is Ford’s best-selling model in China. In the first eight months of this year, CFMA sold almost 80,000 units of the Focus, including both hatchbacks and sedans.

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