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Driverless cars could arrive in China sooner than we think

Last few months witnessed big developments in autonomous driving vehicles, particularly in China. In September, Zoyte Holding Group, a small Chinese carmaker, announced it will start production of its first self-driving vehicle in 2018. Baidu, the market pioneer of autonomous driving, plans to commercialize driverless technology by 2018 and to

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Volkswagen goes luxury with the Phideon: does it make sense?

When Volkswagen launched its Phideon flagship sedan on October 21, many thought it was too expensive.   The Phideon, named after the Roman Goddess Fides (the Chinese name “Huiang” meaning noble brightness), is an exclusive model for the Chinese market produced by SAIC-Volkswagen. It measures 5.074m in length, 1.893m in

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NEV players swarm into battery manufacturing

Two months after being acquired by Gree Electric Appliances Inc., Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. opened its lithium titanate material and battery manufacturing base on October 21 in Hebei.  Since Yinlong has acquired Guangtong Auto and Zhongbo Auto several years ago, Gree has successfully expanded its foothold into the

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