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Beijing issues China’s first guidelines to allow autonomous vehicle testing on public roads

BEIJING – The Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, Beijing Traffic Management Bureau and Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology jointly issued The Guidelines on Accelerating the Road Test of Autonomous Vehicles in Beijing and The Regulations on Managing and Implementing the Road Test of Autonomous Vehicles in Beijing

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Shared mobility and time share rental at a turning point

BEIJING – China’s shared mobility and time share rental market is at a key turning point as 2018 comes around and future competition will depend on who controls the landing resources rather than data flow, according to Yang Yang, CEO of Yiweixing (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., a leading car-sharing technology

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Up 0.19 percent: China PV end-user sales return to positive growth in January-September 2017

According to data from CBU Analytics, China’s registration volume of passenger cars, MPVs and SUVs in the first three quarters of 2017 reached 16.3 million units, up 0.19 percent year-on-year, finally returning to positive growth territory after cumulative sales growth had decreased through to August. Passenger vehicles with engine displacement

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Auto industry’s “art of attack and defense”

Gong Shou Dao, or “Art of Attack and Defense,” became a hit movie during the “Double 11” shopping festival on November 11, as Chinese consumers clicked their way to yet another record day in online sales. The short film featured the first ever movie cameo appearance by the man behind

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The Trump card: Equity relaxation is “Presidential” gift for the U.S. and rest of the world

Chinese and U.S. companies signed deals worth an eye-popping more than $253.5 billion during U.S. President Donald Trump’s “state visit-plus” to China in November. The figure, which set a record for China-U.S. trade relations, was revealed by the Ministry of Commerce on November 9 after Chinese President Xi Jinping and Trump

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Recap of heavy-duty truck manufacturers’ annual business conferences (I)

It’s late December and that means heavy-duty truck manufacturers’ annual business conferences are in session. Following are highlights from business conferences held by FAW Jiefang, CNHTC, Shaanxi Auto and Beiben. – Editor   FAW Jiefang targeting sales of 264,000 medium and heavy-duty trucks in 2018, 304,000 in total CHENGDU –

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Apollo lands in Xiong’an: Baidu tests its autonomous vehicle fleet south of Beijing

XIONG’AN, Hebei – Baidu’s Apollo autonomous vehicle fleet “landed” here on December 20 and made a series of test runs over a stretch of roads about 4-km long. The Apollo Board also had its first meeting there on the same day. The Apollo Board consists of Baidu and nine other

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Vofon eyes JV customers after 1 millionth turbocharger production milestone

NINGBO, Zhejiang – Dr. Tony Chen thanked several groups of people as Vöfon Turbo Systems (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. celebrated the production of its 1 millionth turbocharger here on December 6: OEM and supplier partners, Vöfon’s employees and relevant government authorities at both the national and local levels. But the biggest

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