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5 million NEVs to hit the road in China by 2020

China’s goal of promoting 5 million NEVs by 2020 can be achieved, said Xu Changming, director of Information Resource Department, State Information Center, at the 4th Annual Green Mobility 2013 organized by CDMC on October 11.

As the share of imported oil in total oil consumption increases and the environment worsens in China, NEV promotion will be an irreversible trend.

In the last round of NEV promotion between 2009 and 2012, total sales of BEVs and PHEVs was only 12,000 units, far behind the goal of 160,000 units. Sales of HEV reached 15,800 while the promotional goal was 22,610.

Xu believes that it is difficult to achieve the goal of promoting 500,000 EVs and PHEVs totally by 2015.

According to Xu, it remains to be seen whether NEV buyers need participate in license-plate lottery in Beijing.

Ling Tianjun, chief engineer of SAIC New Energy and Technology Management Department, said that large and medium-sized new energy bus would be easier to be promoted than other models.

Ren Yong, present of Chongqing Chang’an New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd, indicated that the company would give priority to hybrid vehicles in the future.

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