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82 Ferraris and 70 Maseratis sold in China in 2005

Sales of Ferrari luxury cars in China nearly doubled to 82 units in 2005, according to Mirko Pietro Bodiga, general manager of Ferrari Maserati Cars International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., at a forum on imported automobiles held in Shanghai on March 8.


In addition, China sales of Maserati cars, which spun off from Ferrari last year, also doubled in 2005, to 70 units.


In 2004, 42 Ferraris and 35 Maseratis were sold in China.


Sales of the Ferrari were mainly driven by the F430 and 612 Scaglietti models, which were popular Ferrari models in the rest of the world. “Sales of the F430 Coupe and Spider were 56 units, while those of the 612 Scaglietti were 10 units,” Virginia Liu Killory, press and communications manager of Ferrari Maserati Cars Int’l Trading (Shanghai) told CBU/CAR in an email response.


These were two of the Ferrari and Maserati models on display at the 2006 Shanghai Imported Auto Expo on March 6.


The rest of the Ferrari models sold in China in 2005 included the 360 M, 360 Spider, 575 M/GTC and Superamerica.


Ferrari Maserati Cars Int’l Trading (Shanghai) is the chief sales agent of Ferrari and Maserati cars in China and operates 12 authorized sales and service outlets in 10 major cities. China could become the fifth or sixth largest market in the world for Ferrari and Maserati within the next three years.


Worldwide sales of Ferrari cars in 2005 reached 5,409 units, up 8.7 percent year-on-year. Sales grew rapidly in regions such as the Middle East (up 41 percent in 2005), Central and Eastern Europe (up 92 percent), and Latin America (up 36 percent).

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