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A miracle can be made, not duplicated

Dongfeng-Nissan senior executive Yang Song has been appointed senior executive of Nissan North America.

This is an earth-shattering breakthrough in human resources management in China. It is also a breakthrough for Yang’s personal career.

Looked at from a different angle, however, the appointment seems to be a hasty decision by Carlos Ghosn in a desperate effort to deal with Nissa’s troubled performance in North America.

French automobiles have been out of the American market for decades and it makes no sense for Ghosn to consider sending Renault executives to North America.

Past Nissan North America executives were top talents at the headquarters and it seems Ghosn is running out of choice from Japan. Getting help from the pool of American executives is also becoming more difficult. The only alternative seems to be digging into market miracle Dongfeng-Nissan for help.

Successful automobile sales and marketing, however, can only be accomplished by an executive who knows the local market. The relevance of a successful executive in China with the American auto market is questionable. I wish Yang the best of luck in his new role in trying to take money out of American pockets.


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