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AMT transmission the future trend of Chinese trucks

Shift gear is a headache to truck drivers on road and the AMT transmission is a very good solution to this problem. As the AMT version model is only ¥10,000 ($1,538) or so more expensive than MT versions, more and more customers started to accept and use AMT transmissions as time goes by. Around 40 percent of truck models at recently closed Auto China 2016 were equipped with AMT transmissions, the highest rate among auto shows of the past years, indicating a popularization trend of AMT transmissions in China.

Eight truck manufacturers attended the show this time with seven out of the 19 trailer models equipped with AMT transmissions, taking up nearly 40 percent of the total. Five of them adopted FAST AMT transmissions and two were equipped with ZF AMT transmissions.  

As a major transmission provider in China, FAST also leads the AMT transmission sector. Two Foton Auman EST 6×4 trailers, Dongfeng Liuzhou T7 and H7 trucks, and XCMG Hanvan G900 trucks all wore FAST AMT transmissions. The price advantage has assisted FAST in surpassing ZF and Eaton’s AMT transmissions in the domestic market.

Different from other models, the AMT transmission of Hanvan G900 trailer was also equipped with FAST hydraulic retarder, which would make the driving experience easier and safer.  

ZF, as a traditional transmission maker of Germany, is well accepted by customers worldwide for its high quality and performance. ZF transmissions are largely applied in imported high-end trucks such as IVECO and MAN, and are also adopted by some domestic-made trucks.

Sichuan-Hyundai Trago, as the latest heavy-duty truck product of the Hyundai Group, was equipped with ZF’s AMT transmission.

The Foton EST super truck at the show was also equipped with the ZF AMT transmission, which featured high transmission efficiency and shift-feel. Foton models with ZF transmissions are mainly for high-end logistics users in China, reflecting the company’s trial to fulfill different customer demand through various configurations.

Although FAW Jiefang did not bring any vehicle equipped with AMT transmissions this time, it showcased a 13L CA6DM3 engine with a 12TAA3 AMT transmission.

Different from the pneumatic shift of FAST transmissions, the 12TAA3 AMT transmission adopted the motor shift technology. With a three-part aluminum alloy shell, the transmission is over 100 kg lighter compared with normal ones. The Jiefang AMT transmissions have been widely applied on Jiefang branded trucks and were well accepted by drivers and users.

The AMT transmission products showcased by the eight major truck manufacturers at Auto China 2016 represented the trend of transmissions in the future, and there is a good chance that more models with AMT transmissions will hit the market soon.

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