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Angry BMW X1 owner crashed into dealership

In the country where consumer complaints easily get ignored, car drivers often resort to extreme measures to fight for their rights–or simply to take out their anger.

This is true especially with luxury car owners, who tend to come from privileged groups and have short tempers. In the past, we have seen oxen and donkeys hired to drag BMWs and people hired to smash a Lamborghini. If these actions are still lawful means to get attention, what happened on Monday afternoon at a BMW dealership in Zhuzhou, Hunan, apparently crossed a line.

Enraged over a dispute concerning car tires, the driver of a white BMW X1 (shown in the first pic blow) hit the gas and crashed into the showroom, smashing through the glass door and hit several models on display. The identity of the driver and concrete circumstances are currently unknown. Local media have yet to cover the incident. The dealership, called “Meibao Hang,” has shut down its website (at and refused to respond to inquiries.

The dealership damaged was opened only two and a half years ago. It was the first BMW “4S store” in the city of Zhuzhou, Hunan.





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