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Anhui Province to build another three EV charging stations

HEIFEI, Anhui – The power grid companies in Anhui Province plans to build three more EV charging stations and 1,000 charging poles with a total investment of ¥10.8 billion ($1.69 billion), reported Anhui Commercial Daily.

The province has been pushing hard for the adoption of green vehicles in recent years. Earlier this year, it is reported that Hefei’s government vehicle procurement will exclusively go for electric cars in the future.

“It is mandatory that all the future government procurement vehicles be electric, along with newly added taxis. Subsidies for private EV purchases can be increased,” said Wu Cunrong, Party secretary of Hefei, where public utility vehicles are encouraged to be electric or hybrid

In the meantime, the city plans to put a batch of electric taxis on road.

For now Hefei has placed 2,018 new energy vehicles on the road. There are already five charging stations and more than 500 charging poles in the city. The city has set the NEV goal for 2012 at 3,254 units.

In February 2012, a new energy vehicle rental and sales company in the city began to lease the Tojoy electric cars with a maximum monthly rental of ¥2,100.

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