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Autonomous driving test zone opens in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – The enclosed testing area of the first National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Zone opened in Shanghai on June 7 and the first batch of 25 driverless cars, autonomous driving and connected cars from SAIC, GM and Volvo were put into pilot testing.    

Located inside the Shanghai International Automobile City (SIAC), the test zone has 1 differential-GPS base station, 2 LTE-V communication base stations, 16 DSRC and 4 LTE-V roadside units, as well as 6 smart traffic lights and 40 cameras. All the roads are covered by BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) and WIFI. Tunnels, crossroads, charging stations, underground parking lots are built to test autonomous driving in 29 simulated scenes.

The 5-square-kilometer area opened is the first-phase project and SIAC plans to expand the test zone to 100 square kilometers by 2020 and try to build a transportation corridor linking the Hongqiao transportation hub.

The promotion of smart vehicles and autonomous driving would be carried out in four phases.

The first is enclosed area testing, which is being conducted at present with 200 vehicles running on 15-kilometer enclosed roads. Communication network and roads will be further improved and scenes expand to 50 by yearend.

Starting from this September and ending next year, 1,000 vehicles will be tested in 36 simulated scenes in a 27-square-kilometer open area for the second phase.

For the third phase, 5,000 vehicles would be tested in a 100-square-kilometer open area from 2018 to 2019.

The final aim is to have 10,000 vehicles running on 500-kilometer roads and build a model city and transportation corridor by 2020.

The era for smart and connected vehicles is coming and the nation’s efforts on shaping favorable environment for smart vehicles is far-sighted regarding smart transportation industry upgrading and fits well into current global auto industry trends, according to SIAC president and CEO Rong Wenwei.

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