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BAIC BJEV releases North America Technical Innovation Strategy

DETROIT – BAIC BJEV, the electric vehicle arm under BAIC Group and one of China’s leading EV manufacturers, announced at a recent event organized by the company that its North America technical innovation strategy will be centered on two overseas R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Detroit, which will respectively concentrate on R&D and application of intelligent network connection technology and next-generation electric drive system technology.

BAIC BJEV President Zheng Gang made the announcement at the American Electric Vehicle Industry High-level Talents Conference held recently in Silicon Valley and Detroit where 150 experts and scholars from Berkeley Lab, NACSAE and Stanford University were present.

During 2016 and 2017, 20 technical innovation projects including introduction and product application of autonomous driving technology, driverless platform intelligence, pre-research and application of next-generation driving control technology will be conducted.

Building a worldwide R&D footprint and advance technical innovation strategy is an important link of the company’s strategic goal of becoming a world-class technical innovation center and electric vehicle enterprise in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period and the comprehensive implementation of technical strategy of Hummingbird Program in 10 years. The Program covers four cutting-edge auto fields including “e-Motion Design,” “e-Motion Drive,” “LighTech” and “i-Link.” BAIC BJEV now has a global R&D footprint consisted of Silicon Valley and Detroit, Aachen, Barcelona, Tokyo and Turin.

As the first high-level talent exchange and cooperation platform in electric vehicle industry for its globalized technical innovation strategy, the Conference is to seek elites and build a better future for EVs. Munich will be the next stop.

BAIC BJEV boasts advanced battery, electric-drive and electronic control technology and has sold more than 50,000 EVs over the last four years with total driving distance of 2.8 billion km. That has helped reduce carbon emissions of 630 million kg equal to the amount of planting 3.5 million trees. The company’s EV sales rank fourth globally.

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