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BAIC puts 100 E150 EVs in operation in suburban Beijing

BEIJING – BAIC Motor Co. recently delivered 100 units of its E150 EV for taxi fleet operation in Beijing’s Daxing District, reported

The flag-down fare is ¥8 ($1.3) within 3 km and it is charged ¥2 per km after 3 km. The price is lower than that of the regular gasoline taxi cars.

The E150 EV is BAIC’s self-developed electric car based on its E150 platform. The drive range on a single charge is 160 km and the top speed is 120 km/h.

Charging infrastructure is quite limited in the region and fast charging is not available yet so that these electric cars are only allowed to operate during three time periods in a day.

Since the city put the first batch of 50 electric taxis on road in March 2011, the EV taxi operation has been expanded to six major suburban areas in Beijing.

The city plans to build a three-level electric vehicle charging and battery swapping network that consists of six large-scale concentrated charging stations, 250 charging and battery swapping stations and 210 small-sized delivery stations by the end of 2015.

Beijing is also considering introducing another 200 e-taxi cars to Tongzhou District to ease the pressure of lack of taxi service. 

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