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BMW launches i3 electric car in Beijing

BEIJING – BMW launched the production version of its i3 electric-powered passenger car in Beijing on July 29.

The new electric i3 was also launched in New York and London on the same day.

The car has a driving range of 130-160 kilometers. Its electric drive system owns the power of 150 kW/170 hp.

The i3 electric car can adopt a range extender, which will charge up the equipped lithium-ion batteries when their power is lower than the set point. With the range extender, the driving range of the car can be increased to around 300 kilometers.

The BMW i3 car will be available in the China market in the first half of 2014, said Karsten Engel, president and CEO of Greater China of BMW Group. The starting price of the i3 in Germany will be €34,950.

BMW has chosen six company authorized 5S dealerships in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenyang as the first batch of i3 electric car distributors, according to Engel.

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