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BYD electric bus gets Uruguay certificatio

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – BYD has ended trials of electric bus and taxis in Uruguay and received Uruguay certification recently, reported

The Uruguay Ministry of Industry Energy and Mining together with the Ministry of Transportation, the Government of Montevideo and Uruguay’s National Utility Company (UTE) released the testing results of the BYD zero-emissions, pure-electric, 12-meter, Rapid Transit e-bus (K9) and BYD e6 5-passenger pure electric e-taxi in March. UTE led the evaluation projects for the BYD electric bus and e-taxi for the past four months under the “Uruguay Electric Mobility Committee” with the cooperation of local BYD partner, CTS Auto S.A.

UTE said that the BYD e-bus has an average range of 252 km per night-time charge and consumes 1.26 kWh/km (for the 324 kWh battery pack). Such results were noted after 1,279 kilometers across four different Montevideo urban routes, at different times and with different speeds.

“The economic study presented by one of the members of the Committee, Mr. Gonzalo Marquez, showed that the life time total cost of ownership of an electric bus was 60 percent less than a standard diesel bus (considering initial purchase costs, energy refueling cost and the lowered maintenance cost of electric buses during operation). In the case of electric taxis analyzed, the life time total cost of ownership was estimated at 50 percent that of traditional gasoline taxis.”

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