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BYD establishes 1MW solar plant in Germany

BYD, Chinese leading manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and electric vehicles, has recently announced the completion of a 1MW commercial solar plant in Altenau, Germany, in partnership with FENECON, the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractor, according to a company news release.

The German solar plant uses the BYD 430 Double Glass Frameless PV Modules. This is BYD’s latest double glass operation in Europe since the recent introduction of a few of its new energy products at Intersolar Munich in June this year, in a move to expand its operations in the European market.

The 40-year lifetime of the BYD double glass PV modules in this project is very suitable for the long-term plans for the plant, and the frameless design makes them a perfect choice, since the solar farm is located in an area of gravel mining, with high incidence of dust and sand.

The German solar farm is a private project for Berger Construction Company, and 60 percent of its generation will be for the company’s consumption and the remainder to be fed back into the grid in compliance with Germany’s Renewable Energy Act (EEG). There are plans to further expand the plant in the near future.

BYD has been steadily marching into the European new energy market since 2012, when the company joined Enerpoint, SunEnergy Europe and EUROSOL to tap into that market. 

In 2013, BYD signed contract with FENECON to distribute 1,000 energy storage systems and with Passivhause for a 50 kW/130 kWh energy storage project.

In 2014, BYD won the tender for TERNA’s new energy program, and in the same year, it released its 430 Double Glass Module and DESS Modular System. In June this year, BYD introduced its latest PV and energy storage products: the PV Module 2.0 for generation and the BYD B-Box and Mini ES energy storage systems. On the same occasion, the company formed partnership with Tuncmatik for a 150 MW solar project.

BYD’s main targets in solar industry next will be in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Poland.

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