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BYD stands to win from EV expansion into Yunnan, says Chairman Wang Chuanfu

KUNMING, Yunnan – BYD’s new business in Yunnan stands a big winning chance given the region’s unique advantages, according to the company’s chairman Wang Chuanfu.

BYD signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yunnan Investment Group on September 5 to promote its green vehicles and further build an EV production base in the province.

According to Wang, the successful demonstration of BYD e6 taxi in Shenzhen proves that the EV technology is completely operational. Kunming, as one of China’s 25 new energy vehicle pilot cities, has already nurtured a favorable policy environment for the new industry.

Kunming has some advantages for the electric vehicle operation. First of all, the local climate is good to EV batteries, as the summer there is not too hot and winter not so cold. Secondly, 70 percent of Kunming’s electricity power is derived from water, which makes it more environmental to use EVs.

As Yunnan is a city located on the plateau, where fuel consumption is 10 percent more than that in the low-altitude areas, it is more energy saving to promote battery cars there.

The cooperation will be done in three stages. Firstly, the two sides will join hands to promote BYD electric cars in taxi fleets among the major cities in Yunnan. Then they will promote BYD e-buses based on the efforts on electric taxi operation. Eventually the two sides plan to build a production base to manufacture BYD EV products.

Geologically, Yunnan is a bridge tower linking to the Southeast Asia. BYD’s ambition in Yunnan is also aiming at the markets in the southwest region of China and even the neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

BYD’s local partner, Yunnan Investment Group, will be of great help in BYD’s booming new energy business in the new terrain. It is reported that the group plans to achieve ¥10 billion ($1.5 billion) each in investment, financing and sales.


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