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BYD to consolidate distribution channels in 2012

BEIJING – BYD Auto will consolidate its four distribution channels starting in early 2012, reported, citing an insider of the company.

After the adjustment, all BYD dealers will be eligible to sell all BYD models. “The company will announce the decision after the New Year,” said the insider.

Li Yunfei, assistant to president of BYD Sales Co., denied the saying when interviewed by sohu correspondent, however, he admitted that the company will adjust distribution channels given different market situations.

“Distribution channel consolidation will benefit both dealers and consumers,” said a BYD dealer. “We will be able to sell all BYD models and the customers can purchase and maintain their cars in all BYD dealers instead of the certain ones earlier.”

BYD divided its distribution channels into four networks starting from 2008. The A1 network sells the F3, F6, S8, M6 and S6 models; A2 network sells the F3R, F0, S8, L3 and M6 models; the high-end A3 network distributes F3R, S8, G3, G6 and M6 models, and the A4 network is in charge of the I3, I6, M6, S6 and S8 models.


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