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BYD’s Andino-12 e-bus completes test in Colombia

BO TA, Colombia – BYD’s Andino-12 e-bus has completed testing program in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, according to a BYD press release on September 19.

The 12-meter Andino-12 e-bus, which is named K9 in China operating in Shenzhen, Xi’an and Changsha, said BYD to CBU/CAR, has a carrying capacity of 80 passengers with a specified range of over 250 km.

Aiming to determine electric bus feasibility in Bogota’s Integrated Public Transport System, the test was carried out under two different load conditions, full load and 70 percent loaded on a route specified by Transmilenio S.A.

The test route covered around 700 km with a total testing time of 40 hours under various traffic conditions, road surfaces and gradients.

The Andino-12’s average performance on route was 1.13 km/kWh, exceeding BDY’s specifications of 1 km/kWh.

In terms of passenger perceived noise, the testing results were 61.44 dB and 66.87 dB on average with windows closed and open respectively, below Colombian maximum standard of 80 dB.

The single range of the Andino-12 was confirmed between 270 km and 280 km, complying with Bogota’s requirements for operating in the system.

The test was jointly conducted by the Sistemas Sustentables, an organization dedicated to applied research and development projects related to environment, energy and technology innovation, and ISSRC, a non-profit organization working with developing countries in Asia, Africa and America.

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