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Beijing aims for 5,000 NEVs in public service by end of 2012

BEIJING – Beijing will have 5,000 new energy vehicles in the public service sector by year’s end, according to Beijing Business Today.

The newspaper cited a local official as saying that the city is also considering purchasing new energy vehicles for a government fleet.

The 5,000 new energy vehicles are mostly buses, taxis and sanitation trucks, said Zhang Gong, director of Beijing Development and Reform Commission.

Beijing already has 450 electric taxis in service in a few suburban districts and another 300 units will be added to the lineup within the year.

Zhang said the location selection of electric vehicle charging facilities is the biggest challenge in promoting new energy vehicles. The city will beef up efforts to build the charging infrastructure by adding charging facilities in the city’s large gas stations.

Beijing plans to build a three-level electric vehicle charging and battery swapping network that consists of six large-scale concentrated charging stations, 250 charging and battery swapping stations and 210 small-sized delivery stations by the end of 2015.


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