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Beijing completes emissions transformation of 8,800 diesel engine buses

BEIJING – Beijing completed emissions transformation of 8,800 diesel engine public transport buses in July, which will reduce 2,800 tons of NOx emissions per year, reported Beijing Times.

According to research, the State-IV and V (equals to Euro-IV and V) emissions standards of China have design defects and vehicles compliant with the standards emit far more NOx than normal. The Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau (BEPB) thus formulated the Pollutants Limit and Measuring Methods (Rack Working Condition) of Vehicle Used Compression Ignition and Fuel Gas Ignition Engine, which filled the blank of the standards. A State-IV or V emissions standards-compliant vehicle will cut 60 percent of NOx emissions by enforcing the Methods.

The Methods include adding thermal insulation material to emission system and software adjustment, revealed the Bureau.

According to statistics, 12,000 out of the 22,000 public transport buses in Beijing are State III to V emissions standards-compliant diesel engine vehicles with 8,800 units of them compliant with State IV or V emissions standards.

Beijing currently owns more than 200,000 diesel engine heavy-duty trucks out of its 5.5 million vehicle parc, and the heavy-duty trucks emit over 50 percent of NOx and 90 percent of PM2.5 of the total pollution. The 8,800 public transport buses were the phase I task of the transformation of diesel engine heavy-duty vehicles of Beijing, according to Li Kunsheng, director of motor vehicle department of BEPB. The Bureau will start transformation of State-IV and V diesel engine heavy-duty trucks of the sanitary and transportation segments.

Beijing will implement the State-V emissions standards in eight types of vehicles starting from 2016, including public transportation, sanitary and post vehicles. All vehicles will be compelled to install particulate matter traps, said Li.

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