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Beijing eliminates 217,000 old vehicles through to July

BEIJING – Beijing had eliminated 217,000 old vehicles by the end of July and completed the annual target of eliminating 200,000 units in advance, according to the latest report of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau.

The elimination of 217,000 old vehicles can reduce emissions by 60,000 tons of pollutant, including 6,176 tons of NOx and 5,592 tons of hydrocarbon, said the Bureau. The city plans to divide low emission districts starting from 2016 and gradually expands the restriction ranges of high pollutant emission vehicles.  

Beijing started to subsidize old vehicle elimination in 2011 and achieved obvious effects. For example, about 105,000 vehicle owners obtained the old vehicle elimination subsidies in the first seven months of the year, said the Bureau. The city has eliminated 1.65 million old vehicles from 2011 to 2014 with most vehicles among the current five million vehicles complying with the State-III or higher emissions standards.

The capital city plans to restrict yellow-labeled vehicles and State-I emissions standards-compliant vehicles (including refitted vehicles) from entering the sixth ring road all day long starting from January 1, 2016, according to the Bureau.

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