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Beijing sells a vehicle every 40 seconds

BEIJING – Beijing sold 122,000 motor vehicles in January and February, up 22.3 percent from the same period in 2006, according to the latest data released by the city’s statistical bureau.
That puts the rate of motor vehicle sales in the capital city at 2,074 units a day, or one every 40 seconds.
Sales of used vehicles grew much faster than those of new vehicles, at 38.9 percent in the first two months to 51,000 units. Sales of new vehicles totaled 71,000 units, up 12.6 percent.
According to Guo Yong, an official from the Beijing Asian Games Village Auto Mart, the brisk sales in January and February may have been due to the government’s OBD (on-board diagnostic equipment) requirement. From December 1, 2006, all new vehicles sold in Beijing have been required by law to be equipped with OBD. Many manufacturers were not ready for the December 1 deadline and had only limited stocks of OBD-equipped vehicles to sell, so their sales for that month were poor.
Beijing’s vehicle parc had reached 2.925 million by the end of February and is projected to pass the 3-million mark by the end of May.

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