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Beijing’s largest EV charging station comes into operation

BEIJING – Beijing’s largest electric vehicle charging and battery swapping station went into operation on January 29, according to the city’s power authorities.

The Gaoantun charging station, which is located in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, is equipped with a dozen of domestically developed EV charging or battery swapping devices. It has four battery swapping flow lines, one delivery line, and 1,044 chargers.

The station can charge up to eight vehicles at a time and it takes only four to six minutes to swap a battery of an EV. It is estimated that the station can accommodate 400 electric sanitation trucks every day. The station also is capable of swapping batteries for electric buses and electric passenger vehicles, with its service area covering neighboring Tongzhou and Shunyi districts apart from Chaoyang.

In early January, Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform said that the city would add another 400 electric taxis into fleet operation in 2012, bringing the total number of electric taxis to 450 units.

Beijing hopes to build a three-level EV charging and battery swapping network that consists of six large-scale concentrated charging stations, 250 charging and battery swapping stations and 210 small-sized delivery stations by the end of 2015.

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