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Beiqi-Foton launches Auman GTL heavy-duty truck

BEIJING – Beiqi-Foton launched its first “Global Standards” heavy-duty truck, the Foton Auman GTL, in its second plant in Beijing on February 18, 2012, according to a company press release.

Germany’s third-party security certification authority awarded Auman GTL the TUV Rheinland certification at the launch ceremony, a symbol of the highest safety standards of the global heavy-duty industry.

Auman GTL active safety system adopts ABS, EBS, engine exhaust brake, and hydrodynamic retarder, which meets the brake regulatory requirements of Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and other developed countries.

The truck’s passive safety system meets the European ECE R29 Crash Regulations. The down front, side and rear protection meet the requirements of European ECE R93 Crash Regulations, thereby increasing the security of the third party.

Beiqi-Foton cooperated with European company ECS, Sachs and other well-known design companies to cultivate a world-class R&D team. The company also selected advanced key parts suppliers and built a global supply system of its own.

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