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Beiqi-Foton starts Auman GTL heavy-duty truck project

Beiqi-Foton launched its ¥2.6 billion ($382 million) heavy-duty truck technology renovation project on January 14. Foto’s new generation of energy-saving heavy-duty truck brand, the Auman GTL (Global Technology Leader), was announced during the launching ceremony, representing Foto’s official entry into the high-end international heavy-duty truck market.

In project planning, Foto’s IDEC (Intelligent Digital Enterprise Campus) will be established in Huairou District of Beijing. The world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer is expected to finish technology renovations before the end of this year, and the Auman GTL series will attain an annual output of 80,000 units, pushing the Auman brand heavy-duty truck production to 160,000 units a year.

The Auman GTL will adopt the ISZ 13L engine, which is newly developed based on Cummins’ technology, together with Cummins’ control system ECM2150 E and XPI gasoline combustion system.

The vehicle, designed to meet Euro IV and V emission standards, is Foto’s new generation of green heavy-duty trucks. The company also claims that 85 percent of the Auman GTL’s materials are recyclable.

Safety-wise, the Auman GTL will be quipped with ABS/EBS and other braking systems in order to adhere to international standards on initiative safety. The new product is also designed to meet ECE R29 and ECE R93 test requirements to enhance passive safety.

The Auman GTL is China’s first indigenous high-end heavy-duty truck brand targeting the international market. Foton expects 70 percent of the Auman GTL truck output to be exported in the future. It is confident that the Auman GTL will be one of the most competitive brands in the international heavy-duty truck market in 3-5 years.


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