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Borgward Group AG officially launched in China

BEIJING – Borgward Group AG announced on March 18 the official launch of its sales company Borgward China Co., Ltd., which means that the classic German car brand is now fully operational in China.

“Following the launch of our Asia and Greater China strategy in Hong Kong at the beginning of 2016, Borgward Group AG has now taken a further step in its arrival in China,” said Ulrich Walker, chairman and global CEO of Borgward Group AG.

At the event, Walker gave an introduction of the Group’s B-G-W strategy. The B-G-W global strategy involves a brand-new business model that is focused on “Interconnection and resource sharing.” The letters B-G-W stand for “Borgward brand heritage,” “German engineering” and “Worldwide footprint.”

“In order to respond in real-time to changes in the market and in personalized consumer demands, we will focus on building an intelligent production system and connected production facilities,” said Walker.

The new plant in Beijing, occupying an area of 1.1 million square meters, is now ready for production and has a maximum annual capacity of 160,000 units, which can be increased to 360,000 units in the second phase,.

The new plant is based on the German Industry 4.0 concept and will strictly comply with the most rigorous German manufacturing and quality management system standards. It will also utilize the Borgward global verification system with each model subjected to extensive testing to ensure the performance of the product.

According to Walker, the Borgward BX7 is being positioned in China as a “German branded, wide-bodied intelligent SUV,” and is expected to be launched at the Beijing Auto Show in April.

“We have successfully established partnerships with nearly 100 dealers to date,” said Walker, and “this dealer network is expected to grow to 120 dealers by the end of 2016, and 200 in 2017, covering key cities of the Chinese market.”

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