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Bosch (Donghai) Automobile Test Center passes facility inspectio

LIANYUNGANG, Jiangsu – Bosch (Donghai) Automobile Test Center has passed the inspection on part of its testing facilities by China Vehicle Technology Service Center (CVTSC), according to a report on

Entrusted by the Equipment Industry Division of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CVTSC conducted tests on part of the center’s proving ground and facilities in October and the results meet the required standards as a certification testing center.

Covering an area of 1.467 million square meters with designed vehicle testing tracks of 20 km, the test center, which is also Bosch Chassis Systems Control China’s first self-built all-season test center, has a total investment of ¥591 million ($85.9 million).

Equipped with German standard high quality facilities, the center provides testing tracks and facilities for different technology tests for M and N category vehicles with gross vehicle weight of less than 45 tons, including vehicle chassis safety products test as well as value-added services.

In addition to testing tracks and facilities, the center also has office buildings, workshops and gasoline stations. It also provides other technology test services and value-added services like ABS, traction control and ESP matching programs, certification tests, customized driving training, test drive as well as market activity support.

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