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Bosch teams up with Quanchai Engine

WUXI, Jiangsu – Bosch Automotive Diesel System Co., Ltd. and Anhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd. forged a strategic partnership, according to a company news release on January 20.

Both sides will engage in wide-ranging cooperation on areas of fuel system in road vehicle engines of State-V emissions standards and above, exhaust aftertreatment program of road vehicle of State-V emissions standards and above, as well as fuel system in non-road engines of Sate-III and above. They aim to speed up the development and marketing of high-end diesel engine products for the China market.

This strategic partnership involves a diversified product portfolio of Quanchai Engine like passenger vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural equipment. And it has long been the biggest customer of Bosch for electronic controlled high-pressure common rail system. Quanchai Engine hopes that they can establish a coordination mechanism to help Quanchai improve competitiveness and provide more green power solutions for its consumers. 

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