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Chang’an EV scores five-star rating in crash tests

TIANJIN – Chang’an Auto’s E30 pure electric vehicle scored a five-star rating during an all-direction crash test at the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), China’s major crash test institution in Tianjin, reported.

Chang’an E30, which is about to go into volume production, scored 45.71 points after frontal, near-frontal and side collisions. It is reportedly China’s first five-star result on electric vehicle crash tests.

“Any model made by Chang’an has to go through crash tests hundreds of times before it is launched in the market,” said Zhao Hui, deputy director of Chang’an Automobile Engineering Research Institute.

Safety risks of electric cars are in four major areas, according to a Chinese vehicle standardization engineer Zhou Rong: The high power batteries can ignite; high voltage electricity currents inside the car can harm human body if people get electricized; EVs do more damage to motorists in accidents as they are generally heavier than regular gas vehicles; and electric vehicles have tens of thousands times more radiation than cellphones.

Besides the traditional crash tests, Chang’an Auto will test the electricity systems of the vehicle by all kinds of means to make sure that the batteries are not overcharged and the power-off mode gets started when there was a crash.

It is reported that CATARC has already finished crash tests on dozens of EVs to collect research data. It is working on new safety standards that will include more requirements on battery technology, said Zhou Rong.

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