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Chang’an-Ford-Mazda to build two new plants in Chongqing

CHONGQING – Chang’an-Ford-Mazda has started its plan to set up its third whole vehicle plant and the second engine plant in Chongqing with a total investment of ¥7 billion ($1.03 billion), disclosed Ma Ruilin, president of the company, on March 20 during an interview, local media reported.

The tripartite joint venture currently owns four production lines in its first plant in Chongqing and second plant in Nanjing with production capacity totaling 410,000 units of vehicles. The first plant will keep on manufacturing the Ford Focus, the Mazda 3 and the Volvo S40, as well as the EUDC platform-based Mondeo and the S-MAX, said the media reports.

The second plant mainly produces small cars including the new Ford Fiesta and the Mazda 2. The third plant to be built soon will churn out the new Ford Focus which will hit the Chinese market in 2012.

Ford sold 582,467 units of vehicles in China in 2010, a 40 percent growth year-on-year, according to company statistics. Ma Ruilin predicts that vehicle sales in the China market will reach 20 million units this year.

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