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Chang’an-Ford opens new plant in Chongqing

CHONGQING – Chang’an-Ford inaugurated its third plant in Chongqing on November 4, according to a company news release.

With an investment of $600 million, the new plant in Chongqing where the joint venture is headquartered will be capable of adding 360,000 vehicles per year to the joint venture’s total output capacity. The Escort, a new B-class sedan designed for the Chinese consumers, will be produced at the new plant.

Chang’an-Ford has already built two vehicle plants, an engine plant and a transmission plant in Chongqing. Total output capacity of the JV will be more than 1 million vehicles after the third plant goes into operation. By then, Chongqing will become the largest manufacturing base of Ford out of the United States.

The fourth vehicle plant of the JV located in Hangzhou is scheduled to start production next year. As planned, Ford will launch 15 new models in the China market by the end of 2015, most of which will be made at Chang’an-Ford’s facilities.

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