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Chang’an fined for violating emissions standards

BEIJING – The Chang’an CS75 and Raeton, both made at the company’s Beijing factory, were found to have emitted pollutants at levels that exceeded national standards, according to a notice from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (BMEPB) on January 6.

As a result, a total of ¥12.6 million ($2 million) in sales revenues was confiscated and an additional ¥3.78 million in fines was imposed. A total of 274 Raetons with revenues of ¥1.89 million and 1,912 CS75s with revenues of ¥10.71 million were involved.

According to the notice issued on January 6, the BMEPB had begun spot checking of Chang’an vehicles sold in Beijing on July 21, 2015 and found that the NMHC pollutants of both models exceeded the stipulated standards specified in the Limits and Measurement Methods for Emissions from Light Vehicles (State-V). In addition, the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system of the CS75 lacked the In Use (Monitor) Performance Ration (IUPR) feature, which violated relevant standards.

Chang’an issued a statement on January 13 in response to the penalty notice and said it has already notified owners to bring their affected vehicles to dealerships to refresh electronic injection data, which will ensure that their vehicles meet the State-V emissions standards.

“About 90 percent of the 2,186 vehicles affected have completed this procedure,” Zhu Huarong, president of Chang’an, told

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