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Chery, Geely and JAC launch new models but face different prospects

Chery, Geely and JAC each launched new models on September 20.

Chery’s flagship SUV Tiggo 7, priced from ¥97,700 ($15,031) to ¥153,900, tries to follow the success of the Arrizo 5 sedan. Geely’s Emgrand GL, priced from ¥78,800 to ¥113,800, aims to challenge foreign brand’s hold in the passenger car segment. JAC’s Refine S3 III and S2 II, priced from ¥65,800 to ¥95,800 and from ¥58,800 to ¥76,800 respectively, aims to solidify the brand’s leading position in the small SUV segment.

According to data from CBU Analytics, Chery’s registration volume decreased 10.04 percent in H1 2016, with the Arrizo 7 down 35.3 percent, Tiggo 3 down 12.15 percent and Tiggo 5 down 29.9 percent compared with H1 2015. Registration volume of the Arrizo 3 was only 1,705 units in H1 2016, like a model that was about to exit the market. The Arrizo 5 was the only model showing strong growth, with 25,378 units registered in H1 2016. The Tiggo 7 carries high expectations to help turn around Chery’s slump.

For Geely, driven by the NL-3 (Boyue) and Emgrand GS SUVs, registration volume increased 9.09 percent in H1 2016 and growth in June was 80.84 percent. Following the NL-3 and Emgrand GS, the Emgrand GL and Vision SUV that have just been launched will create new growth points in both the passenger car and SUV segments for Geely in the remainder of the year.

JAC’s registration volume increased 21.64 percent with SUVs up 29.46 percent, MPV up 4.51 percent and passenger car down 4.23 percent. The Refine S3 maintained its lead in the small SUV segment while the Refine S2 has moved into the list of top 20 bestselling small SUVs. The Refine S3 III and Refine S2 II were upgraded to solidify their leading positions in their respective segments and to fight off Chang’an and Honda which are gaining ground.

In terms of NEV registration volume, JAC remained the leader of the pack, with sales surging 371.42 percent in H1 2016. Its iEV sedan registration had reached 6,848 units by June while the iEV6S launched in April reached 1,746 units.

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