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Chery New Energy the first to open vehicle platform

BEIJING – Chery New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. (Chery New Energy) opened its S51 micro electric vehicle platform jointly developed with Makerspace, a Beijing-based internet company, at Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) and Global Industrial Internet Conference held in Beijing on July 16.

Being the first shared vehicle platform, the S51 platform is based on all-aluminum vehicle body, and total vehicle weight can be 40 percent lighter than comparable traditional vehicles. Smart connectivity technologies like cloud and ADAS can be applied with the platform besides traditional functions.

For those who want to start their own business, they should first apply on the platform. After passing relevant evaluation and selection, they can design on the platform notchback, hatchback and SUVs with wheelbase between 1,800 mm and 2,700 mm.

Gao Lixin, general manager of Chery New Energy, said Chery’s opening of micro EV framework and expertise platform is an important step forward when the industry is entering 2.0 era of shared economy.

Gao hopes the open platform can bring innovations and changes to the whole industry chain and operation model. Car sharing can go further from mass use to co-sharing within the industry.

Chery is not the one putting forward the idea of car sharing, but it has tried in the area by cooperating with Yidao, Pateo and some car rental companies.

Previous to Chery, Geely has cooperated with Corun, a new energy company, to build hybrid technology platform CHS and says it would be open to domestic enterprises.  

Just four days ago, Wuhu Conch New Material Co., Ltd. announced that it has given up acquiring Chery New Energy because the latter has not yet received the official NEV production license.

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