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Chery launches QQ3 in Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam – Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. launched on April 17 its CKD-assembled QQ3 mini car in Hanoi, capital city of Vietnam, the Chinese carmaker announced recently. Vietnam is the 8th ASEAN market that Chery entered.

Chery and Vietnam Motor Corp. began cooperative relations on September 12, 2008. It only took about half a year for the carmaker to launch the QQ3 in Vietnam, the fastest among Chery’s overseas CKD projects.

In the Chinese auto market, Chery QQ has become a mature homegrown mini car brand which maintains monthly sales of about 10,000 units for these years. At the beginning of this year, Chery launched its QQ3 Qihang model to the domestic market. It comes in 0.8-liter and 1.1-liter displacements, priced between ¥33,800 ($4,900) and ¥47,800.

Chery is not the only one Chinese automaker building vehicles in Vietnam. Another Chinese private automaker Great Wall Motor in February saw its Hover CUV model rolling off its assembly plant in Vietnam. Zhongxing Motor, a Chinese SUV and pickup maker, has also established its assembly plant in the country. China’s motorcycle and automotive manufacturer Lifan Group is also pushing ahead with its planned car assembly plant in Vietnam.


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