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Chery launches new Qiyu

Chery Automobile officially launched the New Qiyun (Banner Cloud) on January 1, according to a company announcement.

The economy sedan model is available in two 1.6L variants, one powered by Chery’s own 1.6L SQR480 engine and the other by Tritec’s 1.6L engine. The SQR480 variant has six versions retailing from ¥57,800 ($7,225) to ¥69,800, while the Tritec variant has three versions retailing from ¥75,800 to ¥95,800.

The New Qiyun is jointly developed by Chery and Prototipo of Italy to meet customers’ demands for security, fuel efficiency and fashion.

In related news, Chery sold a record 189,158 units of cars and SUVs in 2005, up 118.5 percent year-on-year, according to statistics from the company. Sales in December 2005 also reached a monthly record of 22,018 units, up 190.6 percent year-on-year.

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