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Chery looks to the future with new concept, brand vision and international team

BEIJING – The biggest highlight of Chery Night held on April 20 here prior to the start of Auto China 2016 was not the Future Vision 2030 (FV2030) concept, but rather the fact that the entire event was almost entirely presented in English by expatriate executives.

Pretty unusual for a Chinese domestic brand but it nevertheless sends a clear message that Chery is going global.

At the event, Chery announced details of its Chery Technical Center Shanghai (CTCS) including the first joint public appearance of its executive leadership. Chery also announced its new brand image, target group positioning and design language and philosophy, which the FV2030 is based on.

“We are developing Chery’s next generation vehicles with global standards and Chinese efficiency,” said Raymond Bierzynski, vice president of Chery and head of CTCS, which was established in 2012 in charge of creating the next generation of Chery vehicles.

Bierzynski, a 30-year industry veteran, pointed out four different and unique aspects of CTCS in trying to provide the best of class product development process: design co-located with engineering, purchasing and engineering as one team operating simultaneously, IT a strategic partner within CTCS and part of the Chery enterprise leveraging and linking with Chery Jaguar Land Rover and Qoros.

“Our responsibility is to create the next generation vehicle focusing on the A-Class, but to have full product development responsibilities from initial concept all the way to production,” said Bierzynski. “Our mission is to create a market driven vehicle with market driven specifications to move Chery from the entry level segment up to the value segment with our first vehicle off this platform.”

CTCS is loaded with international talent and seasoned executives in design and engineering including those that have worked at companies like GM, Ford and countries such as the U.S., Germany, Brazil and UK. Appearing at the event for CTCS in addition to Bierzynski were James Hope, executive director of corporate design and head of CTCS design, Alex Miklosi, strategic design director, Peter Matkin, executive director of overall vehicle, Sergio Loureiro, director of interior design, Martin Fang, director of purchasing, Charles Chen, director of exterior Design, Joerg Brandscheid, executive director of engineering & release, and Hakan Saracoglu, director of Shanghai Design Center.

“With our world class facility in the heart of Shanghai, combining with the best talents, domestic and international designers, we fulfilled the vision to create the highest level of international design,” said Hope, who unveiled Chery’s new brand philosophy of Life in Motion that incorporates distinctive, confident, future progressive, sculptural dynamic, youthful and emotional design language.

The FV2030, according to Hope, is a concept that reflects Chery’s innovation in connectivity, flexibility and fun to drive, with features such as inductive charging, retracting dashboard and steering wheel, pedals that fold into the floor, seats that glue together and HVAC system that draw fresh air into the roof.

“We want to attract younger customers with our Chery brand,” said Peter Mueller, director of brand and marketing strategy with Chery and another expatriate executive. “We have to know who they are and what they expect from us. They want to have a car which looks sporty and cool and fun to drive. But fun to drive is more than just dynamic feel, direct response or easy handling, it is also to be always connected in the car, sharing information with friends and community.”

“CTCS has gradually become the locomotive of Chery’s globalization of technology, brand and marketing,” said Chen Anning, executive vice president of Chery. “Creating a full competence to compete on the international stage is our goal in our 3.0 Strategy.”

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