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Chery to launch revamped M1 EV at end of 2012

WUHU, Anhui – Chery Automobile, China’s largest indigenous carmaker, is slated to launch the upgraded M1 EV (codename S18EV) at the end of the year, reported

Currently the company is having final tests on the vehicle, which can travel 220 km after a single charge.

With the new model launched, Chery will have nine models on its new energy vehicle lineup including mild hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid EV and battery EV.

Statistics show Chery sold 3,000 electric QQ3 in 2011 and a record 452 units in a single month of March 2012.

The electric QQ3 belongs to the low-speed EV family. According to Liu Xinwen, president of Chery New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Chery will not give up the research and development on low-speed EVs because the technology achievements made on low-speed EVs have been used in the development of the next-generation electric cars, including the S18EV.

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