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Chery tops China’s EV sale chart in 2012

WUHU, Anhui – Chery Auto tops the EV sale chart in 2012 with 5,305 units of the QQ3 EV, making up almost half the EV sales that year, according to reports.

Statistics show Chery sold 3,000 electric QQ3 cars in 2011.

The runner-up is JAC, whose Tojoy EV sold for 2,485 units. The BYD e6 came in third with 2,091 deliveries.

According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Chinese automakers delivered only about 12,000 electric cars and 1,500 plug-in hybrids in 2012, accounting for 0.826 percent of the 15,495,200 passenger cars sold.

The QQ3 EV is based on Chery’s gasoline-powered QQ3, and QQ lines are Chery’s best-selling series.

According to Liu Xinwen, president of Chery New Energy Automotive Technology Co., the QQ3 EV and the traditional QQ share the same production lines. The electric small car is powered by lead-acid batteries, which are cheaper than the prevailing lithium batteries, making the price of the QQ3 EV only ¥49,800 ($7,800).

“With no product promotions, and no purchase subsidies, the electric QQ3 is popular simply because it is affordable, is of good quality and has low use cost,” Liu added.

Above the QQ3 EV, Chery is working up to launch the upgraded M1 EV which is powered by Li-ion batteries instead of lead-acid ones. The company is having final tests on the vehicle, which can travel 220 km after a single charge.

When the new model is launched, Chery will have nine models on its new energy vehicle lineup including mild hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid EV and battery EV.

2012 sales ranking of Chinese EV products



1. Chery QQ3 EV


2. JAC iev (J3 EV)


3. BYD e6


4. Zotye TD100 EV


5. BAIC E150 EV


6. SAIC Roewe E50


7. Zotye 5008 EV


8. Zotye M300 EV


9. Changan CX30 EV


10. Chery Riich M1 EV


11. Shanghai-GM Springo




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